Saturday, June 13th, Epta participated in the XVI European Conference on the most recent new technology in the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry at Expo 2015. The event, organized by the UN, FAO and UNEP in collaboration with the International Institute of Refrigeration (Paris), the Centro Studi Galileo and the Association of Italian Refrigeration Technicians, featured over 50 speakers, world experts and 200 companies from 25 countries, who presented the most innovative and sustainable solutions, in line with the F-GAS and ECODESIGN directives. This was the only event on the cold chain at Expo 2015 and focused attention on methods of preserving food using modern refrigeration technology, fundamental for fighting world hunger and regularly feeding 7 billion people with quality food.

The Conference was divided into five Sessions, scheduled between Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th. The first four sessions were held at the Polytechnic University of Milan and focused on new legislation concerning the gradual reduction in the use of fluorinated refrigerant gases, with special attention on new components developed to guarantee maximum energy savings.

The Fifth Session, on “The Revolution in Refrigeration Systems for Feeding the Planet”, was held in the official Conference Centre of the Universal Exposition, at 3:00 pm. During this session, Maurizio Orlandi, Manager of the Epta Innovation Center, presented two innovative technologies developed by the Group for reducing energy consumption and, consequently, indirect emissions: the first uses a water circuit connecting single units featuring variable speed compressors, while the second is a refrigerated cabinet using adaptive air-flow created by the use of variable speed fans. Both systems adapt to the needs of the cabinet - which change according to environmental conditions – and optimise performance even in “off-design” conditions, contributing to a significant decrease in energy consumption and improving the environmental impact by reducing the TEWI (Total Energy Warming Impact).

The solutions presented by Epta align perfectly with the central themes of the Convention, aimed at promoting sustainability through the correct conservation of food, to guarantee reasonable, quality nutrition. In fact, the Group, with its responsible approach expressed in the concept “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”, takes inspiration from the principles of ethical consumption, ensuring maximum authenticity, freshness and food safety, through innovative technology designed to fully support local resources.

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A George Barker installation turns into an opportunity for the community of Wrose


Epta, with the George Barker brand, equipped the new Co-operative Group convenience store in Wrose, a small village near Bradford, England. The Co-operative Group, the UK supermarket chain for fair trade and responsible retail for over 15 years, has sponsored many new initiatives to develop the resources of the local community.
Attention to excellence led the The Co-operative Group to opt for George Barker when it came to preserving and displaying their products: multideck freezers, and vertical chillers with sliding doors give a contemporary touch to the store.

Sustainability and community: locally the village of Wrose is well-known for its Carnival, which has enlivened the early weeks of July since 1976. The event was cancelled in 2014 due to lack of funding, but it will be back again on July 4th, 2015. Instrumental to this comeback were Epta Deputy Account Manager Chris Sunderland and his wife Karen, who is on the organising committee to resurrect the Carnival for 2015. Thanks to the Sunderlands, the Co-operative has become a sponsor of the event. The Co-operative is also now a supporter of the local Low Ash Primary school, whose pupils – always at the heart of the celebrations - participated in the store's grand opening ceremony.

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Epta, with its Costan and Eurocryor brands, has fitted out the eighth  Conad Sapori & Dintorni sales point, opened at Milan Central Station on April 29th. With a total area of 663 m2 this is an ideal locaton to promote the best regional agri-food products, creating a meeting point for tourists and locals alike.

The chain's innovational reputation is clearly demonstarted by the store layout. Each section is labelled in two languages, Italian and English, and the number of products on display exceeds 3,500, with a majority of Lombard specialties and Dop, Doc and Igp-certified foods. In order to guarantee the highest food authenticity, freshness and safety, Costan and Eurocryor have developed a project with integrated technology and equipment enabling flawless presentation of specialties Made in Italy: from serve-over counters, within the Cheese & Sausages Section, to Eurocryor Panorama units for the display of hot and cold deli food, bread and pastry products, including closed multidecks for both fresh and frozen food as well as RossiniSV cabinets for ready to use, cut, cleaned and lightly processed vegetables (the so called fourth and fifth range). This complete system enhances an exclusive format, proposed by Sapori & Dintorni in the name of sustainability and efficiency. EPTABlue Waterloop stands out here, the revolutionary solution that cools the refrigerated cabinets using a closed water circuit.

To meet the consumers' need for variety, Sapori & Dintorni also features a Sushi Daily corner, jointly created by Epta and KellyDeli. Dedicated to the preparation and display of sushi, it brings together performance and spectacular display offering added value well beyond the ordinary shopping experience.

This is the Italian counterpart to fast food, a store that combines the advantages of the American model with the flavours of a neighbourhood market. The establishment offers customers the choice of hot food purchased from the Deli Department, the freshest sushi or the tastiest fruit salad, in a dedicated area with a wi-fi connection.

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Epta receives the ELITE Certification


Epta has joined the restricted number of companies (33) to receive the Elite certification. This award follows the completion of a path created by Borsa Italiana in co-operation with Academy London Stock Exchange and a number of other prominent institutions and national organisations such as the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, Confindustria, ABI, Fondo Strategico Italiano, SACE, SIMEST, the Italian Investment Fund and Bocconi University.
Today, the Elite platform, created in 2012, lists 271 companies in 15 European countries, more than 150 advisers and 80 investors. To join Elite, Companies must meet some basic requirements such as a positive track record for the following factors: growth, turnover, a firm competitive standing and a dependable growth project.
In order to be awarded the Elite Certification it is necessary to complete all three phases of the path devised by Borsa Italiana: GET Ready, GET Fit and GET Value: these three phases aim at accelerating company growth through an organisational and management development plan. What ELITE offers to the companies selected is a platform of tools and services to enable them to grasp new visibility and networking opportunities and to position themselves with the financial markets.

The official ceremony was held on April 27th at the Palazzo Mezzanotte, in Piazza degli Affari, Milan. During the ceremony, Nunzio Visciano, Head of Equity Market Listing at Borsa Italiana, handed over the Elite Certification to Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director of the Epta Group, thereby confirming that the company has fulfilled all three path phases.
Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director of the Epta Group says in this respect: “The Elite Project, that we joined two years ago, is an important opportunity to measure ourselves with dynamic and fast-growing businesses, a route to cultural enrichment for the organisation, a spur to identifying strategic objectives and implementing innovative means to strengthen our leadership”.

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Thaifex 2015: Experience the best in Asia with Epta


Epta presents the company's technological innovations and the latest trends in the  food & beverage industry at THAIFEX, the foremost Asian trade fair in the food business (May 20th through 24th , Bangkok, Pavilion 9, Booth G-49).
This eleventh edition, with 1,500-plus International exhibitors, 112,000 expected visitors and an exhibition area of 70,000 m² is an unparalleled showcase for the solutions offered by our brands, Costan, Misa and Iarp: the latter will be also be the Fair's official provider of display cabinet rentals throughout the event.

Epta will be there to exhibit a comprehensive array of solutions dedicated to the Eastern markets and able to satisfy all the requirements of the Horeca and Retail industry. Among the highlights presented, the Gemma 30 plug-in cabinet by Iarp stands out: this entirely customisable compact display case with soft lines is an ideal unit to encourage impulse purchases in small size sales areas. Attractive design is the hallmark of Costan's Lion, a positive-temperature multideck characterised by high visibility and easy access to the products displayed as well as by low energy consumption. Lastly, Epta's commitment ensures good hygiene and food freshness, demonstrated by the presence of MISA's KLC cold room, which guarantees unrivalled product safety and preservation.

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Epta, a Reliable Group


Reliability, innovation and flexibility: Epta is launching a new Corporate video with which it aims to communicate the Group's excellence through quality contents. The number of factories, production capacity, yearly turnover, investment in Research and Development and awards received: all these details are covered in the video, expressing Epta’s corporate calling which stresses client focus and reasserts its role as a reliable partner who caters for all retailer needs and provides excellent service worldwide.

This winning strategy is perfectly in tune with Epta's leading concept, “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”, interpreted as a trait d’union between the numerous Expo 2015 initiatives in which the Company is presenting its innovative display solutions, to ensure products retain their value through perfect preservation and display of foodstuffs.  More specifically, thanks to systematic R&D, the group guarantees the best conditions for preserving food and retaining its freshness and safety, while totally respecting environmental resources.

Epta's commitment to sustaining food value is demonstrated by the numerous awards received. For example, Ecocare 2014 and the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2014, both awarded to highly energy efficient solutions, or Janus de l’Industrie 2013 and 2014 in recognition of innovational systems combining sleek design, environmental sustainability and ease of use.

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The Biodiversity Park is a unique place in which Nature and Culture meet, celebrating Italian environmental highlights as well as agricultural and agri-food fine products.
This sensory itinerary starts with a trip in the Italian biodiversity world, arranged in the outdoor gardens which span from the Alps to the Islands. It ends in the Organic and Green Pavilion, where the Organic Food store is set up through the joint effort of NaturaSì and Costan. In this sales point, located at the core of the theme area, the shopping experience becomes reality enabling the visitor to embrace the values of a sustainable future by choosing food according to ethical rules and supporting the protection of local specialties.

This responsible attitude is perfectly in tune with Epta's concept, “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”, which ensures masterly presentation of products, superlative food freshness and safety, thereby enhancing food value, by the installation of cutting-edge technology solutions like the new GranVista from the RevUP Family. Epta's commitment to preserve food value extends into environmental protection, demonstrated by the equipment chosen. On this occasion low-emission cabinets and a CO2 transcritical cooling system providing near zero environmental impact, especially in terms of global warming contribution.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director at Epta says: “The alliance between Costan and NaturaSì to set up the Biostore is one more opportunity for both companies to present a virtuous system for safe and sustainable growth. The green solutions selected, running on natural refrigerant, complete the installation and perfectly suit a broader project, one in which we partner up with  NaturaSì to promote environmental protection as well as a more rational use of resources.”

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Respect for the environment, flavours, tradition and innovation: Epta is co-operating with the Expo 2015 Thai Pavilion in setting up the exhibit. The importance of food is matched by correct display and preservation: this responsible attitude is expressed in the layout of the Food for the Future, which is perfectly in tune with Epta's concept. “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”, which ensures a masterly presentation of product, superlative food freshness and safety while enhancing food value by the installation of cutting-edge technological solutions. Specifically, Iarp EIS 42 chiller cabinets and EIS 45 freezers will be installed, which are ideal to display beverages and the ready-to-eat typical Thai dishes.

In line with the Universal Exposition's claim, the theme developed in the Thai exhibition area,  “Nourishing and Delighting the World in a sustainable way” will walk visitors through discovery of the flavours and ancient culture of Thailand, with its deeply rooted devotion to nature and the environment. Thai cuisine and agriculture are actually the two elements selected to represent the deepest identity of this guest country, as reflected in the architectural style of the Pavilion, which echoes the typical hat worn by Thai rice farmers, the ngob, and the winding lines of the naga, the fertility snake-men deities.
Piero Triglio Godino – IARP's Chairman and Managing Director says in this respect: “This partnership was created thanks to Iarp's office in Cha-Am, Thailand, which makes us particularly proud. Indeed, Iarp's solutions celebrate the contemporary Thai lifestyle and its deep roots by promoting street food culture. This makes it possible to taste superb quality food, prepared according to tradition and preserved in keeping with the most stringent food safety standards.”

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Iarp's innovation at Tuttofood


Epta, through the Group's Iarp brand name, will be an exhibitor at Tuttofood, the third European Trade Show in Europe to be hosted in Milan from May 3rd through 6th, during the Expo 2015 inaugural week, in the area dedicated to Venditalia's special edition (Pavilion 18, Stand F43). This very prestigious International showcase will offer the opportunity to launch two new Iarp solutions for the world of vending machines: Diamond and Oasi.

Top performance and technology are Diamond's major features: this innovative plug-in positive-temperature cabinet provides very high performance levels, in class A++. The equipment features an exclusive electronic price display and a tablet, making it possible for clients to access nutritional details about the products on display. Iarp's commitment to food value is also demonstrated by Oasi, the ice-cream vending machine combining cutting-edge refrigeration technology with an independent control unit, thereby affording a higher level of temperature control and food safety. Moreover, Oasi has a built-in restocking control software and a lit display box to improve interaction with the consumer and boost sales.

Among the highlights of the excellent equipment Iarp presents at Tuttofood are the Realook 42  plug-in for beverages and Realook 45, ideal for ice-creams. These cabinets with a built-in unit and a contemporary appeal are highly interactive. An LCD screen integrated in the glass door conveys promotional content and actively involves the consumer in an unprecedented shopping experience. Lastly, the vending machines of the Laser range will be presented, offering the possibility to combine the sale of fresh food products alongside non food products, by totally customising the internal layout.

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The Epta Way UP: preserving Food Value at the core of Epta's initiatives for Expo 2015


From the Milk Area and FabFood in the Italian Pavilion, to the “Food for the Future” in the Thai Pavilion and the Biodiversity Park, the Epta solutions presented at Expo demonstrate the Group's commitment to spread the food value and resource conservation culture, in harmony with the claim of the Universal Exposition:"Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”

A responsible attitude that resounds in the concept “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”, through technologically advanced solutions that ensure perfect preservation and display of foodstuffs while enhancing their value. Specifically thanks to systematic research and development, Epta guarantees flawless presentation, super food freshness, authenticity and safety, while fully respecting the environment. With this strategy Epta reasserts the importance of the retailer as well as the group's ability to meet retailer requirements, while maximizing store growth.

Blending ethical and corporate principles with the image and targets promoted by Expo is the goal Epta has set for itself. Through a concept made of values, Epta conveys the imperative to offer healthy, safe and sufficient food to all people. On the other hand, the Group enhances the ethical value of food by supporting its economic importance: a thriving trading industry is actually fundamental to boost economic growth and the consequent social progress in any country.

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