Epta expands in South America


Epta continues its expansion in South America and announces the acquisition of Portanuova SA's commercial refrigeration division, a distributor of leading-brand products in Chile, Peru and Ecuador, with a turnover of approximately 11 million Euros in 2012. Established in 1994, the company Portanuova SA, is the undisputed Chilean market leader as regards the design and implementation of advanced solutions for retail chains in South America. Chile is the most developed market for merchandising and energy conservation solutions of great interest for the entire continent.

This transaction led to the establishment of Epta Pacifico Sur SA, and to the incorporation of the assets and of the business line of the Chilean society and of its Peruvian subsidiary.  

"The time was ripe for action in this territory, whose actors are increasingly being renowned as major players on the international scene, thanks to a rapid economic growth, accompanied by an incredibly low debt/GDP ratio ," said Daniele Marongiu - Global commercial operations director of the EPTA Group - "Therefore, we are especially pleased with this transaction, which will allow us to serve the entire Latin American area in a more efficient and functional manner".

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“Beauty will save the world”... even at the butcher's!

As a famous Dostoyevsky's quote from "The Idiot" goes, beauty matters even at the butcher's. Indeed, when it came to remodelling their shop for Family Stecca it was natural to entrust the project to the expertise of Eurocryor and to the captivating lines of Eurocryor's equipment. 
Design and tailor-made solutions were the undisputed protagonists in creating an environment able to offer the city an innovative place. Expressing great personality in no detriment of essentiality, were the guidelines that inspired the Eurocryor Team. The Team studied a display concept made reality by modular games and alternating straight and curved glasses, using the cabinet named Kite. Stainless steel and grey contrast with the colour of meat and of the products displayed, elegantly spotlighting their freshness. Design at the service of organisation: functional versatility makes it possible to create four product type areas. The first one dedicated to fresh meat and diary products, kept distinct from the cooked meat area, and a delicatessen and pre-cooked foods sector separated from a self-serve cold-cuts and sausages sector. An appeal that turns the buying experience into an enjoyable moment, in which Eurocryor confirms the fact that it is possible to combine technology and beauty in a well-balanced mix of modernity and rigour.
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Distance will no longer be an issue: discover the Epta's new remote monitoring service

Distance is no longer a problem if one can count on an efficient monitoring system.
The remote monitoring service developed by Epta truly guarantees cold chain consistency in the stores, and - thanks to constant monitoring of parameters – it ensures reduced energy consumption. 
More than 2,400 stores worldwide rely upon this service, which is based on an integrated software platform that is compatible with the major controllers available on the market. Epta's remote monitoring service utilises the expertise of a team that is capable of decoding alarms and troubleshooting problems in real time, so that systems can be serviced quickly and effectively. 
Main benefits of remote monitoring: energy conservation up to 20%, obtained by correct system configuration. 
Further advantages of this service, in addition to excellent product conservation, are failure prevention, the rationalisation of maintenance costs as well as intelligent maintenance planning. The service was developed in co-operation with the National Research Council of Padua.
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IARP and Epta establish a new integrated refrigeration group


Milan, 22th February 2013 – Epta Group announces the strategic union with IARP – Leader in Italy for the production and marketing of plug-in units – which will result in important synergies in terms of business diversification and completing the chain, to the advantage of both brands.

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