Costan supply E.Leclerc-Conad in “Area 12”


“Area 12”, the innovative retail park covering over 34,000m² built into the new Juventus stadium, was inaugurated on 27 October. One of the stores in the complex, the first E.Leclerc Conad store in Turin, has been fitted out by Costan with its new-gen refrigerated display units. This super mall is dedicated to the “twelfth man on the field”, in other words the fans, and offers an online shopping service with curbside pick-up service after the match.

Energy-saving and Green Concept characterise Costan solutions, respecting the philosophy of this ambitious multi-facility complex in Turin. The main player from this aspect is the EptaGreen central unit, which uses CO2, a natural refrigerant gas that has less impact on GWP (Global Warming Potential) than the synthetic fluids used in the past.

Layout features vertical Lion units for cold meats and dairy products, Lion Cub and Verdi for the self-service fresh meat counters and Rossini with straight glass for assisted service. The condensation-proof tops on the Tortuga and Cayman coffin freezers will also guarantee lower energy consumption and excellent goods display. lly the system is completed by the new Costan cold rooms.



Gianpiero Caruso, Costan Italia Marketing Director comments: “We are proud to present this “black and white” installation, in a feel-good setting where consumer experience, sport and families meet up. We have scored a hat trick too, with our passion for technological innovation that safeguards the environment. Another winning venture thanks to decades of expertise and capacity to put ourselves to the test”.

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The Epta Group, Sponsor of the Ethic Award 2011, rewards Nordiconad for its Sustainable Future


The Ethic Award 2011 ceremony took place on Monday, 28 November at the headquarters of the Il Sole 24Ore in Milan, with participation by the Epta Group in the dual role of sponsor and award givers.

This is the 8th edition of this award created by the Retail specialist magazine GDOWEEK. The aim is to reward the commitment shown by companies with tangible initiatives from an ethical, social and environmental point of view.

William Pagani, International Sales Director of Epta, represented the Group at the roundtable, moderated by Cristina Lazzati, Editorial Director of GDOWEEK, that addressed the issue Industry, retail, consumer: best practices for sustainability. This was also attended by Massimo Bongiovanni from Coop, Renato Sciarrillo from Procter & Gamble and Cecilia De Guarinoni from Henkel Italia.

He concluded by presenting Nordiconad with the award for the best labour inclusion project, for young people and underprivileged categories, to encourage their employment in sales points.

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OHSAS 18001 certification for the Hendaye plant


Mission accomplished for the Hendaye production plant! In September it was the first in the Group to obtain certification for its Occupational Health and Safety Management System in compliance with the OHSAS 18001 standard.

The 18001 is an international regulation that aims to continually improve standards of accident prevention, through achievement of annual goals. The prestige of this certification is evident when you consider it has only been granted to fewer than a thousand Italian companies. All the staff were directly involved in drawing up and applying the procedures verified by TÜV Austria.

This success is part of a “programme of safety and protection of the environment”, already in place and strongly supported by Epta. It is therefore the natural evolution of a process that started with UNI EN ISO 14001 certification in 2010 for the plants in Hendaye (France), Bradford (UK) and Limana (Italy).

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Record-breaking Host also for Eurocryor and Misa


The two top brands Misa and Eurocryor took part in the International Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry, which closed on 25 October. This prestigious show stood not only for the world record of 623 espresso coffees served in one hour, but also for its big attendance figures. Of the 125,000 professional visitors, 34% came from 153 countries outside Italy.

Internationality and eco-friendliness were the buzz words for this edition. Respect for the environment was centre stage and a crucial factor for business. A survey carried out by Fiera Milano and the promoters of Host on a selection of Italian and international operators revealed that sustainability is no longer just a figment of our imagination: for 45% of respondents, being green means “zero impact” and for 30% it is important to “make a profit without wasting resources”.

The theme running through both the Eurocryor and Misa stands was Eptology with Passion & Technology for the former and Quality & Techology for the latter.

Passion such as the unusual feats of a contortionist on the Eurocryor stand, amazing visitors with her elegance and flexibility, on a par with the solutions delivered by this company. Quality perfectly expressed with the concept Save Food Bank for Misa, in other words a cabinet able to preserve food as “treasure”, confirming the natural evolution of this company, which for 40 years has produced cold rooms that guarantee excellent conservation of food products.

Watch the video interviews to find out about all the new ideas at the show

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Technology and design meet up in Keplero/Stylix


Innovative, elegant, versatile: Keplero/Stylix is the new refrigerated table just 4 cm thick.

Its simple transparent design allows sales points to recreate that typical local market look, in line with the sector’s latest trends.

An exclusive solution, with “ThinTech” patent, featuring the special characteristic of having all its mechanical parts compacted in the 45x45 cm tower, at the base of the cabinet.

The result of in-depth study of materials and aeraulics.

The main inspiration is therefore simplicity and maximum flexibility for a plug-in that makes it possible to create different shapes and sizes of islands in hypermarkets, delivering the same totally excellent performance.

Keplero comes in different versions: refrigerated, self-service and assisted service, for preserving meat, packaged fish, cold meats, delicatessen foods and dairy products, with a ceramic glass shelf for self-service restaurant dishes.

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