On 30 and 31 March the rendezvous with sustainable design will be in Turin, at the 2nd International Conference on Environmental Design. It is a meeting that is open to researchers from over the world, which the Epta Group will be attending to provide its contribution to the subject of improving quality of life.

The conference is an opportunity to present research and design activities in the context of Environmental Design and multisensory experience. The primary objective is incentivising an across-the-board collaboration between different disciplines, from design to anthropology, from administrative sciences to the engineering of materials, from medicine to architecture, in order to promote the creation of “smart”, flexible, adaptive and eco-compatible environments. Giorgio De Ponti Product strategy manager of the Epta Group is a member of the scientific committee and will be giving a speech on “Global Innovation & Food Design to increase sustainability”. He will be presenting interesting data from a study regarding the relationship between technology and consumer trends for reducing waste and winning the Zero Food Waste challenge.


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The innovative concept “#EptaExperience is the way”, expresses Epta’s presence at the Euroshop 2017 trade fair, which has just drawn to a close, and is evidenced by the numerous collaborations with partners of international renown, who are key players in their respective business sectors.

Epta and Lactalis the leading global group in the dairy sector – launched the Allée des Fromages, a new and unique visual merchandising solution that was co-designed by ONE BUY ONE. The objective is to transform the act of purchasing into a pleasant experience, while improving the development opportunities for the entire cheese section.

The combination of expertise from Epta and Electrolux the leading manufacturer of professional electrical appliances – led to the production of a new format for renewing in-store restaurants. The Shop In Shop corner was designed in response to new trends that see retail stores increasing their eat-in areas, especially where premises offer entertainment and recreational activities, like the show-cooking events held by the Chefs of the Electrolux Chef Academy during the five days of Euroshop 2017.

Retailtainment is also a central theme for the Pop Up Retail area designed in collaboration with Schweitzer Project S.p.A. a group that specialises in the design and creation of cutting-edge concept stores. This eclectic space transforms traditional display areas, raising the aesthetic experience to the highest possible level, whilst being respectful of environmental sustainability. It responds to the need for Retailers to have a strong identity and make every store unique and a point of reference for consumers.

Perfect refrigeration, spectacular presentation and Safe-T-Fresh® packaging for preserving food freshness: this is the winning recipe by Epta and Sirap one of the most experienced producers of containers for fresh foods in Europe - for enhancing flavour and ensuring the highest level of food safety for the many dishes being served in the Shop In Shop area and in the fruit-based preparations offered in the Pop Up Retail area.

Another interesting partnership is the one with Cefla, a major innovative group that makes diversity its true strength: the synergy with this food display specialist helps to make the merchandising of products within the refrigerated areas of the Pop Up Retail corner truly unique.

The collaboration between Epta and Williams Advanced Engineering part of the Formula One team – led to the creation of the new aerodynamic Aerofoils profiles that were designed to improve the aerolics in refrigerated cabinets to a single blade of air, to guarantee a reduction of up to 30% in energy consumption.

The new FTE system (Full transcritical Efficiency) that uses transcritical CO2 has received a special endorsement from BITZER, the renowned global producer of compressors, because of its excellent performance and the protection of components. The certificate which it received declares that Epta has developed an innovative and efficient system using BITZER compressors from the line ECOLINE+.

To allow its guests to truly discover how unique #EptaExperience is, Epta created two apps in collaboration with BT one of the main global ICT service providers. The APP #EptaExperience (for iOS and Android), also worked on by Eit Digital is an interactive guide to accompany users on an immersive tour to discover the innovations presented at Euroshop. The exclusive Mobile App that communicates with Valzer Next/Multifreeze Plus Smart Screen by Costan and Bonnet Névé, is an application that interacts with the cabinets and helps to improve the brand loyalty-generating process amongst Customers.

Visit Epta's Youtube Channel and watch all Euroshop videos!

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On 26 and 27 March, with its brands Eurocryor, Costan and Misa, Epta will be meeting the meat specialists at iMeat, (Pad. A Stand B16) the only Italian trade fair dedicated to butcher’s and delicatessen stores, to be held at ModenaFiere.

The Group will be taking part in the fifth edition of the trade fair with a complete range of solutions that were designed to furnish any store with a touch of style and guarantee an impeccable presentation of products.

Eurocryor will be exhibiting its traditional Bistrot refrigerated cabinets that stand out for their modern design, which seduces consumers while highlighting products, thanks to the exclusive Dynamic System technology in the cabinet. The system enables meat to be conserved for several days inside the refrigerated unit, without the need to return it to cold rooms during the night, thus maintaining its organoleptic and aesthetic qualities.

The innovative scope of Bistrot with Dynamic System is demonstrated by this solution being chosen as the perfect vehicle for presenting the spectacular creations of Orlando Di Mario, a meat specialist who shall be one of Epta’s guests along with Mara Labella, Chair of Federcarni Latina.

The Eurocryor cabinets will also be the stars of the Federcarni stand - where a Bistrot with Dynamic System will be exhibited – and in the exhibition space of Inalca, a company from the Cremonini Group, the European leader in the production of beef.

Finally, the brand Costan will be exhibiting the new Tango Next vertical plug-in with doors, a compact piece of furniture that combines increased capacity and a fetching display, for the maximum visibility of meat and fresh packaged products that are becoming increasingly important in extending a butcher’s offer. The Family Feeling of the product is expressed through the full glass doors, handles and coordinated base: these technical and aesthetic features enable this unit to be used alongside its equivalent for frozen foods, Valzer Next, in the organisation of a store’s layout.

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Epta thanks all those who came visit its stand at Euroshop 2017, the largest Retail sector fair in the world which took place in Düsseldorf, where it presented all the latest products from its brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor, Misa, Iarp and Knudsen Køling, as well as the exclusive Epta Service for post-sales assistance services.

The event was also an opportunity to confirm once again the Group’s capacity to combine the expertise, innovation and personalisation of the solutions presented by its brands, offering Customers an original and captivating store experience. The strategy is encapsulated in the claim “#EptaExperience is the way”.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director for Epta, commented: “Epta positions itself on the market as a trustworthy partner able to offer Retailers complete solutions that set themselves apart through their reliability, high quality and cutting-edge technology, which thus establishes the centrality of Customers and the Group’s attention to satisfying their every requirement. We have always worked with the key players of the Retail Sector to revamp food areas, transforming them into spaces for interaction and discovery, where Consumers can experience unforgettable, enjoyable and gratifying moments, including from an aesthetic perspective” and he concluded “Our objective? To transform stores from Points of Sale to Points of Experience and transport Customers to a new emotional and engaging shopping dimension.”

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Epta has launched the new #EptaExperience APP, that was developed for Euroshop 2017 in collaboration with BT and Eit Digital. The application is available on Google Play and App Store and represents the digital strategy for “#EptaExperience is the way”, but is a limited taster version of the app. It is a concept through which Epta has confirmed once again its capacity to combine expertise, innovation and personalisation of its brands’ solutions, to offer Consumers a unique and engaging experience and transform retail spaces from Points of Sale to Points of Experience, contributing to Retailers’ commercial success.

The APP is already available to enable users to view teaser content and get “a taste” of the experience they will be able to enjoy in Epta’s exhibition space from 5 to 9 March (Stand A60 – B60, Pad. 16). Thanks to the beacon technology, when visitors arrive at the stand the full version app and will become a digital guide to accompany them on an immersive tour to discover new refrigerated solutions and systems with state-of-the-art technology. The interactive presentation will have insights into special partnerships, in-depth information on new products and services and exclusive videos and fun moments, allowing visitors to truly discover the unique #EptaExperience.

Download the #EptaExperience! APP now:


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In October 2016, the excellence and expertise of Epta UK was recognised by Co-op, a leading retail chain in the United Kingdom, at the Co-op Construction Team Charity and Supplier Awards Evening 2016. In the exclusive setting of The Palace Hotel Manchester, Epta UK was named Supplier of the Year, the most prestigious award on offer.

John Austin-Davies, Commercial Director of Epta UK stated: “We are delighted to continue our success at the Co-op Awards Evening, having been awarded supplier of the year on three of the four occasions that this event has been held. I would like to thank all staff and our Contracting Team for their positive contribution to this success” and he concluded “We are also proud to announce that our partnership with Co-op is getting stronger all the time: between 2015 and 2016 we produced an impressive 450 retail stores together.”

The scale and quality of service provided by Epta UK were central to the success in the Co-op Construction Team Charity and Supplier Awards Evening 2016.

One notable project, Co-op Horwich store in the Greater Manchester region, represents a concrete example of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability in the supermarket industry.

At its core lies an exclusive system that is based on the transcritical CO2 Epta Eco2Small refrigeration system. This solution was created by the Group for the European Union’s CommONEnergy project and allows integration of the building’s refrigeration units and reutilisation of heat by exploiting the properties of CO2. It is an all-in-one solution that is already achieving very positive results. To date, the system has surpassed the envisaged performance levels from both simulations and prototypes –offering a 21% improvement in energy saving and a 57% reduction in the TEWI index compared to equivalent traditional models using HFC refrigerant gases.




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With its brands Costan, Eurocryor and Misa, Epta has confirmed its status as the supplier of the refrigerating systems for MasterChef Italia, the renowned culinary talent show which will be back for the sixth season on Sky UNO HD every Thursday at prime time.

The “Zero Waste” philosophy is at the heart of the new season and the aim of this virtuous approach is to raise awareness of this highly topical subject with a large audience: to astound the four dreaded judges Carlo Cracco, Joe Bastianich, Bruno Barbieri and Antonino Cannavacciuolo technique, creativity and daring will not suffice, as aspiring MasterChefs will have to prove their talent “in the art of food rescue”, to demonstrate that even leftovers and lesser cuts can be used to prepare the finest dishes.

These are values that Epta also firmly believes in and with this venture it has confirmed its commitment in promoting the centrality of refrigeration as a resource for reducing food waste, while ensuring a correct display and the highest level of freshness for food items.

With Epta, even appearance is important: the Costan branded Opera, a green plug-in characterised by high efficiency fans and LED lighting, was chosen for its impeccable presentation of fresh foods in the most famous pantry on Italian television. Also worthy of mention are Eurocryor’s Flat cabinets, with their amazing 3D transparency and display elegance. These solutions were designed to enable contestants to immediately identify all ingredients and avoid wasting even a second of the precious time they have to complete the challenges.

Finally, Sound Green Costan plug-in cabinets for frozen foods and Misa cold rooms are unbeatable allies in the preservation of gourmet products. Specifically, the Misa solutions are equipped with the exclusive Epta Food Defence technology, a cutting-edge system that uses the special properties of silver ions to improve food safety and ensure a complete and permanent antibacterial protection for the entire life cycle of the cold rooms.

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This was a prestigious collaboration for Epta in the restyling of COOP ALLEANZA 3.0 store in Modena Canaletto designed by renowned Venetian architect Paolo Lucchetta, the founder of + RetailDesign srl. The project fits within the town planning and social requalification programme of the entire neighbourhood currently being promoted by the Local Council. It is an example of the revitalisation of an area where businesses and local institutions have come together to create a meeting place and strengthen the sense of community amongst local citizens.

The renewal of the COOP ALLEANZA 3.0 store was partly funded by the European Union, in partnership with CommONEnergy, an EU research project aiming to transform supermarkets into tangible examples of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability, by promoting the take up of cutting-edge methods and technologies. In this regard, the innovations include the integration of refrigeration and HVAC plant, natural lighting with solar tubes and the implementation of thermal insulation for the building.

To help transform the store into a model of n-ZEB (nearly-Zero Energy Buildings), Epta offered an all-in-one solution based on a transcritical CO2 system. This exclusive system completely satisfies the store’s thermal energy requirements by adjusting the cooling and heating capacity according to demand and through the use of a heat recovery module.

The renewal of the COOP ALLEANZA 3.0 store in Modena Canaletto involved the entire store layout, which was also designed by Paolo Lucchetta. The fresh and frozen foods areas were transformed into a market square where colours, flavours and aromas blend together to bring to life a space that places the customer at the centre of an innovative shopping experience that truly stimulates the senses. The solutions adopted include GranVista, the Costan branded vertical cabinet, Elephant UP freezers and the semi-vertical Aeria UP with panoramic ends, chosen to draw attention to the rich assortment of fresh and frozen products and the organic veg selection. And then, we see the “artistic touch” of the great architect in the mosaics using different species and thicknesses of wood for the finishing touches of the traditional Eurocryor cabinets, Bistrot and Torre, in the Butcher’s, Cold Cuts & Cheese department and the unique Impact cabinet for the Deli. The latter combines self-serve and serve-over sections, to present the range of specialities prepared every day by Coop’s chefs.





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Costan, an Epta Group brand, is amongst the winners of the Marco Polo Award. The award, which is now in its 26th edition, is assigned by Unioncamere and the Foreign Trade Centre of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto. It aims to nurture and promote the business activities of companies from Veneto that contribute significantly to the regional development of foreign trade in the industry, craftsmanship, agro-food, tourism and service sectors respectively.

The ceremony will take place in the headquarters of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce on 14 December and William Pagani, Group Marketing Director for Epta will attend the event to collect the prestigious award.

Specifically, Costan was chosen for its excellent performance in the Veneto economy through its strong export focus and the impressive results obtained abroad during the course of 2015. Moreover, the Jury appreciated the constant growth of a brand that has been an international benchmark in the refrigeration sector since the ’70s. In this regard, exports are a key driver for Costan, as confirmed by the figures: 80% of 2015 turnover comes from trade with European and non-European countries. These results were made possible through the Epta Group’s constant investment in innovation with the objective of combining the excellence of its products with low environmental impact growth and, on the other hand, by the presence of a widespread sales network comprising branches and distributors all over the world.

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There was more success for Epta UK, which was amongst the winners at the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2016 - the prestigious event for the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector - following on from the awards it picked up in the 2006, 2009 and 2014 editions.

Specifically, the Environmental Collaboration of the Year award went to Trailblazer Employers Group and was collected by John Austin-Davies, the Commercial Director of Epta UK in his capacity as Chairman of the Employers Group, along with Miriam Rodway, CEO of the IOR (Institute of Refrigeration). This is a programme funded by the UK government that involves the cooperation of companies from different sectors in the development of new guidelines for training apprentices to a defined standard. For the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector the IOR invited 11 Companies to take part in the Apprenticeship Trailblazer Project, including Epta UK. The objective is that of setting high standards of training for apprentices based upon real market requirements and promoting technological development, while improving attention to environmental issues.

The feedback from the judges for the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2016 on this venture was very positive: “The project represents one of the most significant developments in our market segment. This collaboration is the most important of its kind and will have a relevant impact in the promotion of a new approach towards environmental sustainability, and in its contribution to honing the skills of future generations of engineers.”

Moreover, the Jury also had a high regard for the collaboration between Epta UK and The Co-operative Group - a leading retail chain in the UK – for the creation of the retail store in Horwich (Greater Manchester). The collaboration stemmed from the EU FP7 CommONEnergy project and was one of the finalists in the categories, Retail Project of the Year and Low Carbon Achievement.

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