The Boards of Directors of Epta S.p.A. and its subsidiaries Costan s.r.l., Iarp S.r.l.  and Misa s.r.l. approved the Merging Project of those companies into Epta S.p.A. on 22/09/2016. The decision is aimed to simplify Epta Group’s company structure in Italy and its Governance model accordingly. The aim of the project is to improve the administrative efficiency, reducing the burden of statutory and fiscal obligations to be met. The merger will also allow to achieve significant benefits thanks to faster decision-making processes.

We will continue to operate with our long-standing Italian brands”, stated Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and Managing Director of Epta S.p.A.Costan, Iarp and Misa are leaders in their respective sectors and have always been recognized for innovation, reliability, outstanding design and quality. They are among the pillars of the Group’s tradition and values. The synergies between each brand allow Epta to offer well-balanced, turn-key solutions to meet the market needs in Retail, HoReCa sector and in the Food & Beverage industry”.

For all those concerned, the merger will be effective from the date of the last registrations stipulated  as per the article 2504-bis of the Civil Code, and presumably from 31 December 2016.

The accounting and fiscal effects of the merger will be retrospectively dated to 1 January of the business year in which the legal effects of the merger were enforced (presumably from 1 January 2016).


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Epta Iberia is taking part in Tecnofrío 2016, a prestigious conference organised by the Community of Madrid together with ATECYR (the Spanish Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association) and the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid. The aim of the two-day event, scheduled to take place on 28 and 29 September, is to share the technologies and best practices most affecting the way the refrigeration sector is evolving. The speeches and round tables featuring experts, producers and retailers will focus on six different fields: Coolants, Commercial Cooling, Industrial Cooling and Transportation, Energy Efficiency, the Cold Chain and Further Applications.

Julio Ferradal Mora, Installations and contracting Director of Epta Iberia, will be taking part in the debate dedicated to “New technologies and energy efficiency in refrigeration. Trends of producers, components and renewable energy”. He commented: “The event will provide an opportunity for sharing experiences with the sector’s main players concerning the latest innovations from the Group’s R&D department.” He went on, “Our approach is geared towards constant improvement, and it allows us to offer complete F-Gas compliant systems featuring high functional and energy performance, whilst at the same time achieving savings on HFC taxation currently applied in Spain. In addition, the expertise it has accrued over the years has enabled Epta Iberia to guide its Clients in choosing and customising the eco-compatible system that best suits their needs. It also guarantees that every system is installed to perfection, thereby ensuring management costs are cut and that the environment is respected in full”.

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Responsible growth, a focus on human resources and participation in ventures for the promotion of ethical principles: these are the issues that are dealt with in Epta’s fourth Corporate Social Responsibility Report. It is a document of crucial importance for the Company that aims to share with Stakeholders and Customers the most significant economic, environmental and social results for 2015 and define future strategies, in line with a sustainable social progress. The extreme reliability of the Report is confirmed by TÜV Austria Cert GmbH who certified the Group’s CSR in line with the Core G4 option of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) international standards.

A tangible example of Epta’s sustainable approach is its commitment towards the implementation of increasingly green solutions: to date more than 50% of its plug-in models work with R290 propane gas and 100% of remote cabinets are also available to operate on CO2. The offer is further extended with CO2 plant and systems - which can also be personalised - enabling refrigeration systems to be integrated with the existing building systems and to reutilise heat in the transition towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). Thanks to this “total solution” Epta is able to work with Retailers to create ecostores in any climatic zone, whatever the size of their stores.

Safeguarding of resources and the utmost energy efficiency for its factories: the installation of cogeneration systems, photovoltaic panels and the technological improvements introduced in the production process have resulted in a reduction of 12% of KOE (Kilograms of Oil Equivalent) per product in the last three years, while significant technical improvements have also enabled a reduction in water consumption by 32% per unit produced compared to 2013 levels.

Finally, Epta believes in the importance of continuous training, to ensure a high level of professionalism for internal and external staff alike, thus promoting the introduction of best practices and the latest technologies available in the market. Specifically, in order to share the know-how it has acquired over time at a global level in the design and installation of CO2 refrigeration systems, the Group created the Epta CO2 Training Centre. The centre, which is located in Bradford in the United Kingdom, provides training and refresher courses to encourage the adoption of CO2and to date it has trained more than 600 engineers with practical and theory lessons in their respective native languages.

Marco Nocivelli, CEO of the Epta Group stated: “I would like to thank all of our workforce, as their active involvement plays a crucial role in bringing forth our certified process of continual improvement and making our business model more sustainable. The culture of social responsibility is a very important factor for the Company as it proceeds towards an ever-greater overlap between sustainability and strategic choices and continuedIt is a process we embarked on five years ago and which has led to us reaching and surpassing the ambitious goals we had set ourselves during the course of the last three years. We have exceeded a level of 50% of high efficiency solutions within our product range and have reduced energy consumption by 12% in the last four years. Our next goal will be that of obtaining a further reduction in energy consumption in the next three years.”

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Epta presents EptaBlue Waterloop, an innovative solution that converts each connected refrigerated unit, be it a cabinet or a cold room, from remote-cooled to plug-in, using a closed water circuit which is easily installed with a plug&play link. In addition, the system's inverter and electronic valve adjust the evaporating temperature to match the demand on each cabinet and external conditions (winter/summer, high/low attendance, day/night). The simplicity of the EptaBlue Waterloop system allows for simple integration with the store’s HVAC system for recovery of the heat emitted by the cabinets to reduce store heating costs.

Specifically speaking, in the recent installation at Treviso's Despar (Italy) Eptablue allowed a reduction in energy consumption of up to 25%, an increase in refrigeration efficiency, a TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) decrease of 40%, a 75% reduction in the refrigerant gas charge and water consumption, for a ROI of 8 months.

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Eurocryor will be celebrating 25 years of business activity on the evening of 2 September together with the employees of its manufacturing site in Solesino (PD), its long-standing suppliers, and everyone who has contributed towards the success of the company, which today counts on a workforce of around 200 people.

Attended by Mauro Ferrari, CEO of Eurocryor, the Mayor Roberto Beggiato and several city authorities, the 25th anniversary will be an opportunity both to honour the history of the brand, which has always stood out for its creativity, design and innovation, and for sharing the goals that the Epta Group is determined to reach, thanks also to the contribution of Eurocryor.

Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director of the Epta Group states: “This anniversary represents a great milestone in the history of Eurocryor and of the whole Group. I would like to thank all our collaborators, whose active involvement plays a crucially important role in promoting the excellence of Eurocryor solutions by helping to transform them into Italian-made icons of style, elegance and quality that are recognized throughout the world.”

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A new successful collaboration between Epta UK and Co-op, leading United Kingdom retailer, for the creation of the Horwich retail outlet in Greater Manchester, a store featuring an innovative solution created in accordance with EU FP7 CommONEnergy project. This is a research project promoted by the European Union to transform supermarkets, often thought of as the paradigm of consumer societies, into concrete examples of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability, favoring the adoption of avant-guard methodologies and technologies.

The Contracting Team of Epta UK supplied the retail outlet with an exclusive solution based on EPTA ECO2-Small Transcritical Booster pack. This solution, designed by the Group for the CommONEnergy project, enables the building's refrigeration systems to be integrated and the heat to be reused by exploiting the properties of CO2 in an effort to transform stores into Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB), in compliance with Directive 2010/31/EU.

The installation is completed with George Barker personalised vertical cabinets with sliding doors Lion dedicated to fresh packaged products, wine and beer and Elephant negative vertical counters for ice-cream and frozen products. These refrigerated solutions with glass doors guarantee the maximum reduction of energy consumption and a superior efficiency, as well as ensuring a perfect visibility and a better conservation of the products on display.

This all-in-one solution is already enjoying very positive results and to date it has met and in some cases exceeded the expected performance from both the theoretical calculations, as well as those of the prototype unit. On yearly basis, calculations suggest it can generate extra energy saving of 21% and TEWI reduction of 57% compared to equivalent traditional systems that use HFC refrigerant gases.


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The Epta Group was a sponsor of the XII IIR Gustav Lorentzen Natural Working Fluids Conference, which was held in Edinburgh at the new Conference Centre built for the occasion at the heart of the Heriot-Watt University Campus.

The Conference programme included 150 speeches, distributed throughout the three-day event, to examine the topic of natural refrigerants both in professional terms and on a purely scientific level. The numerous speakers included the following Epta Group staff: Daniele Mazzola, Epta System Engineering R&D, Maurizio Orlandi, Manager of the Epta Innovation Center and John Austin-Davies, Commercial Director of Epta UK and Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration, who was also appointed as its Chairman for two technical sessions. The three papers illustrated by the Group contained experimental data on the use of cabinets with CO2 refrigeration units connected to a water loop, the analysis of results from an all-in-one transcritical CO2 solution that enables refrigeration systems to be integrated with a building’s own system and, finally, a study of the performances of transcritical CO2 systems with subcooling in hot and temperate climates.

This event of global significance focused on three main issues: the future of transcritical CO2 systems, the possibilities offered by the increase in the limit load of hydrocarbons and the technological evolution in natural refrigerant systems through subcooling.

The Conference was organised by the global organisation IIR International Institute of Refrigeration in collaboration with the Institute of Refrigeration UK, It brings together around 2,000 professionals working in the field, and constitutes a resource of primary importance for developing refrigeration technologies that promote the wellness of the public at large.

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Costan has been awarded the Prize for Best Practices for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Mobility by Legambiente’s National Centre for promoting renewable sources. The ceremony took place during the 28thFestambiente, an international festival in the entrance to the Maremma Nature Park with 60,000 visitors each year.

This award is made to companies such as Costan which are committed to creating innovations offering the highest energy savings and carbon footprint reduction whilst saving resources. Costan also combines these important goals with a guarantee to enhance #FoodValue to the full, by designing cutting-edge systems that conserve and display foods to best effect while ensuring their quality is maintained.

Alvise Case, Energy Manager at Costan states: “We are very pleased to have received this award. It demonstrates the importance of the ongoing Research and Development investments made by the Epta Group. It is a strategy which allows us to offer Retailers the perfect “total solution” for a completely green store, regardless of its size. Countless solutions are available: they include the low energy impact refrigerated cabinets of the RevUP Family, the transcritical CO2 systems, the range of plug-in F-gas compliant products and the new EPTABlue 2.0 technology”. He concludes “One of the most ambitious goals reached in recent years involved optimising transcritical CO2 plant, which we can now use as a valid alternative to the traditional cascade system in warmer areas such as Central and Southern Italy. It is a radical shift, and one that has already enabled us to install over 40 Eco2Small and Eco2Large systems all over the country.

After the award ceremony, a debate entitled “The Energy Revolution to stop climate change” was held. It was coordinated by long-standing journalist Giancarlo Capecchi and saw the participation of high-profile speakers such as President Giuliano Amato, Under Secretary to the Environment Silvia Velo, Deputy Minister for Economic Development Ivan Scalfarotto and Edoardo Zanchini, National Vice President of Legambiente.

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Epta and Conad have embarked on a successful new partnership. Conad has placed its trust in Costan and Eurocryor’s experience to furnish the fresh and frozen foods area of the recently opened Conad Superstore at Clusone. The store includes solutions that combine outstanding efficiency with product enhancement and improved food safety.

In particular, the positive temperature vertical Costan GranVista cabinets and Elephant UP frozen food cabinets, the finest expression of the RevUP Family, were picked for presenting packaged items. Minimalist style and elegant transparency feature in these full-height refrigerated cabinets, guaranteeing the highest visibility of displayed products. As a result, they are perfect for the Brands preferred by consumers for a quick shop.

The meat area features the serve-over Bistrot cabinet by Eurocryor. Equipped with an exclusive Dynamic System, this show-stealer has been designed to heighten the appeal of the specialities on offer. Its innovative technology preserves meat so effectively it can be left in the Bistrot cabinet for several days without needing to be returned to  refrigerated storage overnight. At the same time, the meat retains its visual appearance and customer appeal.

The Bread & Pastry section is also worthy of note. Here, Eurocryor proposed Impact: a solution designed to suit the need to present fresh, self-service packaged products alongside ultra-fresh items which shoppers are served over the counter. All in a single cabinet with an outstanding appearance and unbeatably ergonomic design. In fact the height of around 1.30m makes it easier for staff members to refill the cabinet, whilst at the same time ensuring even consumers with limited mobility find it very convenient to use.

The range supplied is rounded off with the transcritical CO2 Eco2Large system, which makes it possible to incorporate the cooling system into the building’s H&V system. This ensures heat is entirely reclaimed and that the Epta Service telemonitoring system, operative h24 7/7, allows the system’s parameters to be regulated and energy consumption to be promptly rationalised.

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