Epta is ready to take part as Gold Sponsor in the first edition of ATMOsphere China 2018, which will be held on 11th and 12th April in Peking. A unique opportunity for the experts of the HVAC&R sector to share best practice and expertise, with a focus on the new opportunities open to natural refrigerants in the Asian markets. China, to respect the restrictions introduced by the Kigali Amendment, has recently begun phasing out R22 gas in favour, for example, of CO2 systems, more energetically efficient and with a low GWP.


John Austin-Davies, Marketing Project Director of Epta will take part in the event. He comments:”The Group, which has always been committed to manufacturing high-performing systems with a minimal environmental impact, has developed solutions and technologies able to respond effectively to the European F-gas regulation and to the conditions imposed by the Kigali Amendment." and continues "The transition of the Chinese market towards more sustainable refrigeration is a great opportunity for Epta to establish itself on this market as quality partner for the players of Large-scale retail trade, of the Ho.Re.Ca. and Food&Beverage sector


The exclusive FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency, one of the most innovative Epta products, with which the company paves the way to a new standard in natural CO2 refrigeration, will be presented at ATMOsphere China. A simple system which is available worldwide on an industrial scale, that exceeds the current limits of transcritical technology, guaranteeing best performance in any climatic condition, an energy saving of 10%, if compared with a traditional central booster and lower installation and maintenance costs, up to 20%.